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Welcome, Custodian.

Custodian is a Visual Novel with RPG Elements.

It takes place in two worlds.

  • Straum, a major city in the 'Real World'. This is shown through classic Visual Novel style.
  • Custodian, a popular MMORPG. This is shown through RPG Maker.

Inside Straum, you will be able to interact with your surroundings, work, attend classes, and even meet up with people you met in Custodian. (Not yet implemented)

Inside Custodian, you will be able to live out an adventure as an Aldrich Academy student, who is entering the Custodian Program. (Combat system incomplete)


After completing her mandatory training at Aldrich Academy, Nora has moved to Straum to begin medical school. While unpacking her belongings, she discovers a box left by her mother. Inside, she finds the video game called Custodian, and begins her journey into self discovery.

You can view further information about the prototype at the IMGC page in this link.
Information Here!

Install instructions

Download the file, unzip the folder, and once inside, double click the "Game.exe"


Custodian.zip 78 MB

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